Biden says he assured Xi Quad was not about isolating China.

In a resolute statement made during a press conference in Hanoi, U.S. President Joe Biden firmly rejected the notion that his administration’s intentions revolved around isolating China or plunging into a new cold war era. Addressing the world from the heart of Vietnam, President Biden conveyed his explicit message that the Quad, comprising India, the United States, Australia, and Japan, was not formed with the intent of containing China. Rather, it was a collaborative effort aimed at fostering stability within the region.

As he faced questions from reporters in Hanoi, just hours after his departure from the G20 Summit held in New Delhi, President Biden revealed that Chinese President Xi Jinping had sought clarification regarding the Quad’s purpose. This candid exchange signifies the importance of diplomatic communication in a complex geopolitical landscape, where clarity and reassurance play pivotal roles in averting misunderstandings and preserving global equilibrium.

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